• Q. How can I purchase tickets for a concert?

    You may purchase tickets by clicking here to be redirected to our events section, by going directly to etix.com, by coming out to the Hall during normal business hours.

    The easiest way to purchase tickets is to find the event on our event page and click the buy tickets button.

    Advance ticket sales online end at 11:59 PM the day before the scheduled show. . After advance sales end, you may purchase tickets online or at the door at day of show price. Tickets sold the day of the show are typically priced at a slightly higher price than advance tickets . Please note that minors (those under 21 years of age) may not “come and go” once admitted for most shows.


  • Q. What is the nearest hotel to Schroeder Hall?

    There are a number of hotels in the Victoria area. Most are 20 to 30 minutes from the Hall. Schroeder Hall and the Tourism of Board of Victoria have partnered with the following hotels to offer a discount when you are visiting for one of our scheduled shows. You may use the discount codes noted below when making a reservation to get a discounted rate.

    Quality Inn & Suites

    $89.99+tax Double Queen

    $84.99+tax Single King

    Call the hotel at 361-579-7919 and ask for the special rate

    Rosalie Guest Quarters

    $88.00 + Tax


    Call the inn at 361-580-2794 and use promo code "piano" when booking

    Super 8 Victoria

    $64.99 + tax Double Queen

    $64.99 + tax Single King

    Call the hotel at 361-575-0838 and ask for the special rate

    Candlewood Suites

    $70.00 + tax Single Queen Suite

    $75.00 + tax Two Double Suite

    Use the booking link athttps://bit.ly/3xFd8igand make sure "EVENTS AND MORE*" is selected under Rate Preference

    Homewood Suites

    $89.00 + tax


    Call the hotel at 361-578-1900 and ask for the Schroeder Hall rate

  • Q. What about designated drivers? Any help for them being AWESOME and taking one for the team?

    Designated drivers receive free water and sodas. Please identify yourself as a DD at the door and you’ll receive a DD wristband.

  • Q. What is the age policy at Schroeder Hall?

    We strive to make Schroeder Hall a kid friendly environment, however we do have some rules concerning minors. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult of some sort to be in our establishment. MOST events allow minors. Age restricted events are rare but do occur. 12 and under are free but 13 and over require tickets. We do not have a child discount, but unlike most venues we do not charge extra for under 21 customers. There are plenty of places for kids to run around and play. 

    Take responsibility for your children! Our staff brings their own children up to the Hall. We are busy babysitting our own kids, nieces and nephews, etc.., and the Hall as well, so for the love of God don’t pass on your job as a parent to us. We’re already tired enough.

    If you need to make arrangements for large groups or organizations consisting of minors, please contact us. We will be happy to work out details with you to make it possible. Email us at admin@schroederhall.com for more info.

    Individuals 18 and older are always welcome with a VALID government-issued ID. Acceptable forms of identification include a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, military ID, or international Passport. A student ID is not an acceptable form of identification. Any show that has an age limit will be indicated in advance. Refunds will not be given if you try to attend a 21 and over event and are under 21, or mistakenly bring someone under 21

  • Q. Underage drinking.

    SCHROEDER HALL HAS A STRICT POLICY CONCERNING UNDERAGE DRINKING. UNDER 21 MAY NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVEN IN THE PRESENCE OF THEIR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. IF MINORS ARE FOUND WITHOUT THEIR WRISTBANDS AND X’S, THEY WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PROPERTY. NO REFUNDS & NO EXCUSES CONSIDERED. Anyone under the age of 21 that consumes or attempts to consume alcohol and individuals that provide or purchase alcohol for a minor will be forced to leave the premises and also may be subject to arrest.

  • Q. Does the Hall allow outside alcohol, aka BYOBottle?

    No, as of October, 2020 the Hall has a liquor license. TABC rules do not allow outside alcohol to be brought in. This is a no tolerance rule. If you sneak in your own alcohol and consume you will be removed upon discovery and possibly arrested.

    Be aware there is no outside alcohol beverages of ANY KIND allowed on the ENTIRE premises. If you are caught drinking in the parking lot you will be removed from the premises and no refunds will be given.

  • Q. What is the re-entry policy at the Hall?

    Adults (age 21 & up) may come and go as they please, but no drinks may leave the building with you.

    Unaccompanied minors (under 21) will not be allowed to come and go after they have been admitted. If a minor needs to go out to their vehicle they must be escorted to and from by a staff member, at our convenience.

  • Q. Does the Hall have security?

    We contract with our local Sheriff’s department to provide security for events. However, please secure/hide all valuables in your vehicle. We are not responsible for thefts. Instances of poor behavior are rare at the Hall, but our security will deal with them quickly should any arise. Please do not engage with anyone on your own. Notify our staff and we will handle it.

  • Q. What happens if it rains?

    All shows are rain or shine.

  • Q. May I get a refund on unused tickets?

    No, the Hall does not provide refunds on ticket purchases, however, you may pass the unused tickets along to friends or family for their listening pleasure! If a show has to be rescheduled your ticket will be honored for the rescheduled show, but refunds will not be available. On rare instances when a show is fully cancelled, we will allow refunds.

  • Q. Can I get food at the Hall?

    Schroeder Hall is home to the Hall Grill. We have a menu consisting of several varieties of hamburgers using 100% Black Angus locally sourced beef, BBQ, and appetizers. The menu changes occasionally when shows are outdoors, or very large indoors. All food is fresh and made to order so be aware there may be a wait. The best time to order is between 6pm and 8pm to avoid waits. We do provide to go orders and you may come in free before the show and eat. One the show starts you must have purchased tickets to stay.

  • Q. What items are prohibited?

    Prohibited items include: food, drinks (including your own liquor), drugs, weapons of any kind, chairs, umbrellas, video cameras, recording devices, and pets indoors. 

  • Q. Am I guaranteed a seat?

    No. We typically have seating for 300 indoors with most tables being 6 person tables, but these are first come, first served, with the exception of the VIP sections. Be aware that you may have to stand. Priority for seating is given to handicap, elderly, and special needs. If you are asked to give up your seat by our staff for someone that needs it more than you, please be courteous and generous.

    Almost all shows are general admission. Guests do tend to stand in front of the stage, so please know that your view may be blocked by those standing in front of you. Although we love for people to be able to dance, some shows may be prevented from dancing due to standing room only on the dance floor.

    During large and sold out events, if you would like to dance, show up early for the opener. If you have any special needs, please do not hesitate to call us at 361-573-7002, email us at admin@schroederhall.com or let us know at the door. We will do everything in our power to assist you in having a great experience. If you are in a wheelchair, use a walker, etc, we will let you in up to 30 minutes early, so that you can claim a good spot.

  • Q. Can I make a reservation?

    We do not take reservations unless it is a large party. Generally 50 people or more. There is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate a reservation for a particular show. This can incur a fee and will be looked at on an individual basis. You are free to get here early and claim tables. Most of our tables are 6 person seating. We open at 6pm but we will not turn you away if you show up a bit early. Decorations like balloons, centerpieces, etc… for parties are allowed on tables as long as they are reasonable in scope, do not block other patron’s view to the stage, and not vulgar. 

  • Q. Where should I park for concerts?

    We have approximately 3 acres of parking at the main building area, and 2 acres of grass parking across the street for overflow. You can park in the ditch along FM 622 but be aware that you are assuming some risk as it is a 50 mph zone. Some neighbors at times open their pastures for overflow but typically charge $5 per vehicle. Schroeder Hall does not charge for parking during most shows, but during very large events there may be parking fees. Please consider carpooling.

  • Q. Is the Hall on any social media sites?
  • Q. Are pets allowed?

    Pets are not allowed indoors at all, or in outside areas during concerts. We do allow pets in outdoor areas during Market Days and similar events. Pets must be leashed, well behaved, and you must clean up any messes they might decide to make.

Frequently Delivered Statements

Our staff will absolutely not overserve alcohol. If we cut someone off and you decide to sneak them a drink you will both be escorted out.

A designated driver is always a really good idea.